Red Handed

Have you ever been caught “red handed”? I remember a time when I was younger and we had just finished eating dinner and my mom said that I could have one Oreo cookie as a dessert. I quickly jumped up from my seat, ran to the cookie jar, got the Oreo and before I reached my seat, I had already devoured the Oreo.

As everyone else excused themselves from the table and went their separate ways, I begin the scheme as to how I could get another Oreo cookie. When the coast was clear I snuck back into the kitchen, opened the cookie jar, and grabbed an Oreo. Just as I was biting down on the cookie I heard my mom’s voice say, “I told you one cookie”. I was caught “red handed”.

In the Bible we find a story in John 8:1-11 where someone was caught “red handed” but it wasn’t because they were getting an extra cookie but in a very sinful act. In the story we read of the religious leaders bringing a woman to Jesus that they have caught in the act of adultery (interestingly enough the man is not brought to Jesus and last I checked it takes two to tango) and they want to stone her but more importantly they want to trap Jesus in his words so that they may accuse him later. But unlike the response from my mom, Jesus bends down, writes something in the dirt and says to the men, let he without sin cast the first stone. At that point all the men dropped their stones and went away. Jesus then proceeds to tell the woman to look up and find her accusers and when she saw that there were none, Jesus said then I don’t accuse you go and sin no more!

Wow! That is what I call grace! You might be reading this and saying, yeah that’s a great story to read but it’s just that a story. No my friend it’s not just a story, it’s your story, it’s my story. At some point in time the enemy of your soul, called in the Bible as the accuser of the saints (Revelation 12:10) came before God and said I’ve caught them “red handed” breaking your commands.  God simply looks over to Jesus, then back at the accuser and says the blood has covered them, depart from my presence! God’s grace has redeemed us from the past and is allowing us a bright future! God says go, tell the whole world about what I have done for you and I’ll even give you my Holy Spirit to empower you to do it! It’s time for you to get up from the seat of condemnation and stand in the place of confidence! Remember, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world!

Mario Hood is the Next Generation Pastor at “Church on the Living Edge” in Orlando, FL.

You can follow Mario on Twitter @mariohood